Adding new nodes into HCL Docs clusters

To add servers into installed HCL Docs for workload balancing, for Docs and Conversion servers you need to add new cluster members into the cluster, and then run install_node.bat or on the new added machines. For Viewer and Proxy servers, you only need to add new cluster members.


  1. See Installing WebSphere Application Server to federate a new created node into the Deployment Manager.
  2. In the administrative console, click Servers > Clusters > WebSphere application server clusters > cluster_name > Cluster members(for Proxy, clickServers > Clusters > Proxy server clusters > cluster_name > Cluster members ).
  3. Click New to start the Create a new cluster member wizard. Follow the wizard to add a new cluster member into the cluster, make sure you are using the new federated node.
  4. In the administrative console, click System > Adminitration > Nodes, select the checkbox before the new added nodes, and then click the Synchronize button.
  5. For Docs and Conversion, copy the script installers (DocsApp_2.0.0/DocsConversion_2.0.0) to the new added machines, follow the guide to configure cfg.node.propertis, and then run the file on Linux or install_node.bat on Windows from the installation directory.
    Note: For Viewer and Proxy, you do not need to perform step 5.
    Steps to configure cfg.node.propertis:
    1. Copy the content in to the file to replace existing content.
    2. Open the file to modify properties:
      • Change docs_install_root to the installation directory of HCL Docs on the Docs nodes.
      • Change was_install_root to the WebSphere profile path that is used to install HCL Docs servers.