Managing personal information to comply with GDPR

As an administrator, you might experience users asking that their personal information be erased or corrected in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). HCL Docs can be integrated with HCL Connections Files or other repositories. Therefore, the personal information and access control are dependent on the integrated repository.

About this task

For an HCL Docs integration with HCL Connections, see the documentation about how to manage personal information to comply with Connections Docs GDPR documentation. For integration with other product repositories, refer to that product's documentation about compliance.
Note: No matter with which repository you are installing with HCL Docs, the inline comments and @mentions in HCL Docs files are not searchable if the content is in draft mode. After publishing the draft to Connections Files, for example, users or the Connections Administrative User can search the content and manually delete relevant @mentions and comments in the Docs editor.