Interface SharedStateAccessorController

All Superinterfaces:
Accessor, Disposable, SharedStateAccessor, SharedStateIdentifierProvider

public interface SharedStateAccessorController
extends SharedStateAccessor

Interface providing write accessor methods which allow for modifying the shared state of portlets this accessor operates on. In particular, this controller allows to set public render parameters of the currently selected bucket.

Note that public render parameters can be set and read through this accessor by any standard portlets. Though these parameters can neither be obtained or set through the portlet api (in particular javax.portal.PortletRequest#getParameterMap()) nor through the StateParameterService.

Note: This API is not intended as a replacement for the URL generation of action, render or resource links that are present in the Portlet API. Portlets should use this API only for use cases that are not addressed by the Portlet API, like generating links to other portlets.

See Also:
for read-only access to the shared state.

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Method Summary
 java.util.Map<javax.xml.namespace.QName,java.lang.String[]> getParameters()
          Returns a map of public render parameters (String -> String[]).
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getParameter, getParameter, getParameters, getParameters
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Method Detail


java.util.Map<javax.xml.namespace.QName,java.lang.String[]> getParameters()
Returns a map of public render parameters (String -> String[]). It is guaranteed that this map is modifiable.

These parameters are prefilled with the public render parameters of the currently selected bucket encoded in the current state.

Specified by:
getParameters in interface SharedStateAccessor
A modifiable map of public render parameters. If there are no public render parameters at all, an empty (but modifiable) map is returned. Does not return null.
See Also:
for read-only access to the public render parameters