Managing licenses

Configure your license or apply a trial key.

Before you begin

Typically, you start with HCL Accelerate by installing the Community Edition (CE) or the Standard Edition (SE) Trial. Your edition is determined by the key that you enter during installation. As a reminder, the Current Application Edition field displays your current edition. If you want to continue to use the CE, no additional configuration is required.

About this task

Apply your license by connecting HCL Accelerate to a FlexNet Operations server.

License server prerequisites

This procedure should be performed after the completion of these prerequisites:
  • Configuration of the HCL Products and Platforms portal for software entitlements management via the FlexNet Operations license cloud server that interacts with HCL Accelerate.
  • HCL Accelerate has direct internet access to the cloud server -or- HCL Common local license server (CLLS) is configured and HCL Accelerate has access to the HCL CLLS.

License server configuration

To apply your FlexNet license, complete the following steps:


  1. Log on to the FlexNet Operations server and retrieve the License server ID.
    Ensure a configured device password is created by clicking Action and then selecting Set Password.
  2. On the HCL Accelerate dashboard, click Settings > License management > Connect server.
    The License server connection modal is displayed.
  3. In the License server field, enter any of the following applicable URL:
    1. For the cloud license server, enter the URL of the cloud license server.
    2. For the local license server, enter the URL of the local license server.
      For example, URL/hostname/IP
  4. In the License server ID field, enter the cloud license server ID from the HCL FlexNet server.
    For the local license server, it is not required to enter the value for License server ID field.
  5. Click Save.


The license server is now configured in HCL Accelerate.

What to do next

To modify, add, or remove license servers, click Edit connection on the License management page.