Managing teams

To prepare a team, you create the team and then add users or user groups to it. After you add users, you assign permissions to them.

About this task

To create a team and assign users, complete the following steps:


  1. Click Settings Settings icon, and then click User authorization > Teams.
  2. On the Teams page, click Create team, and in the Add new team window, enter a name for the team, and then click Save.
  3. With the team selected, click Add member to add a user or group.
  4. In the Member field, enter or select the user, and then click Save.
    The user is added to the Member list.
  5. New team members have no permissions. To grant permissions to a user, with the team displayed, click the permission that you want to grant.


After a team is created, any team member can assign it to releases, pipelines, reports, and deployment plans.