In this tutorial, we integrate Jira work items into a value stream and control value stream data with DevOps query language (DQL) queries.

All associative value streams that you create require integration with external tools. You integrate external tools into the product by using plug-ins. HCL Accelerate provides numerous plug-ins for you to use. In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to use the popular issue-tracking system, Jira. If you do not use Jira, the concepts that you will learn in this tutorial apply to other issue-tracking tools, and most other external tools as well. Additionally, the DQL queries that you define to control tutorial data are similar to those that you will use in all value streams that you create.

Learning objectives

In this tutorial, you learn how to complete these tasks:
  • Create a value stream.
  • Customize a value stream by modifying its associated JavaScript object notation (JSON) file.
  • Integrate external tools into a value stream.
  • Use DQL queries to manage the items that appear in a value stream.

Time required: 2 hours

Time required

This tutorial takes approximately 1 hour to finish. If you explore other concepts that are related to this tutorial, it might take longer to complete.

System requirements

To run this tutorial, you must have installed the HCL Accelerate application, version 1.2.6 or later


To complete this tutorial, you need: