Creating deployment plans

You can start with a blank plan that has no defined tasks, copy an existing plan, or start with a plan template. You can also auto-create them by assigning applications to pipelines. When you copy a plan or use a template, many tasks are already defined.

About this task

Complete the following steps to create a deployment plan:


  1. On the Releases Detail page, click Create Deployment Plan.
  2. On the Create Deployment Plan window, in the Deployment plan template list, specify the template that you want to base the plan on. The default value is None.
  3. In the Plan name field, enter the plan name.
  4. In the Description field, enter the description.
  5. In the Team list, select a team to manage the plan. All teams that you are a member of are available. Team members can modify the plan and manage tasks. The HCL Launch applications that are managed by the team in HCL Launch are available to assign to HCL Launch type tasks.
  6. To schedule a deployment for the plan, click Start time, and then select a date and time for the deployment. Scheduled deployments automatically start at the scheduled time if the plan contains eligible auto tasks. You can schedule a deployment for any future time.
  7. In the Tags list, select tags that you want to add to the plan.
  8. Click Save. If you created the plan on a Release Detail page, the plan is part of the selected release.
    After you save the plan, click Edit to modify plan details.
    Note: You can create one deployment plan as a primary linked to many secondary deployment plans. Deployment is executed only from primary deployment plan.