What's new

This page provides a summary of enhancements and bug fixes for version 7.3.1.x.

Version is a maintenance release and includes various bugs and security related fixes. This release is appropriate for all customers.


Version 7.3.1 is a major release and includes fixes for various bugs and security-related issues. This release is appropriate for all customers.

OpenID Connect authentication mechanism in LDAP authentication realms
The LDAP authentication realms can use OpenID Connect as an authentication mechanism, so that you can easily switch from LDAP to OpenID Connect in your existing setup.
See documentation Creating authentication realms.
Disable password-based login for authentication realms
For a secured authentication mechanism, disable password-based login in the OpenID Connect authentication realm or LDAP with OpenID authentication realm, which redirects users to the dashboard (or any internal page) with no prompt or interruption. See documentation Creating authentication realms.

Administrators can still login with passwords by using a new administrator URL. See documentation Accessing HCL Launch.

DB latency diagnostic feature
This version introduces the DB latency diagnostic feature to check DB latency in on-premises and cloud deployments to monitor database performance.
See documentation Viewing logs.
Flag for agents running in a container
The agent.containerized property flags the agent that is running in a container so that you can distinguish such agents.
See documentation Agent installation properties.
GitLab Generic Packages source configuration plug-in
With the source configuration plug-in for GitLab Generic Packages, you can pull generic packages from the GitLab package registry. The plug-in downloadable file and documentation are in the HCL Plug-ins site.
z/OS search enhancement
The z/OS artifacts search is enhanced where you can search a file or version across all environments and applications, and generate a report to get the version or artifact's deployment information. For a detailed information about the feature, see z/OS search.
Updated Apache Velocity 1.5 to 2.3
See Apache Velocity upgrade documentation for information about VTL changes. The references of $velocityCount must be changed to $foreach.count which is the change for default templates. Also, see additional information about backward compatibility flags.
Bug Fixes
  • Resource Sync Service aborts when it encounters an error processing dynamic groups