Enabling maintenance mode

Maintenance mode stops activity on the server so you can run important tasks that require the server to be idle.

About this task

When you enable maintenance mode, users can log in to the server as usual and perform some tasks. Users can also see a message at the top indicating the start and and estimated end time of the maintenance activity. However, users cannot start component processes, application processes, or generic processes. Also, version import processes do not start. Any process requests fail and are labeled "Could Not Start". Processes which begun before enablement of maintenance mode run as usual. Users can still make changes to the server, such as changing properties, creating elements such as applications and resources, and editing processes.

What is blocked during maintenance mode:
  • Execution of new Global, Component, and Application Processes.
  • Execution of processes triggered by the calendar, including recurring deployments.
  • Execution of processes triggered by a repeating a process request.
  • Approval or Rejection of any approval tasks.
  • New version imports.
  • Automatic version imports.
  • Processes started upon completion of a version import.
  • Auto Discovery.
  • Auto Compare.
  • Auto Configure.
What is not blocked during maintenance mode:
  • Processes which begun before maintenance mode are allowed to run to completion.
  • Sub-processes kicked off by processes that begun before maintenance mode are allowed.
  • Manual tasks that are part of a process can be responded to, and the process will be allowed to continue.


To enable maintenance mode, click Settings > System Settings, select the Enable Maintenance Mode check box in the General Settings field, and then click Save. To disable maintenance mode, clear the check box and click Save again. You need appropriate permissions to manage maintenance mode.
Note: Make sure you do not restart the server until all processes have completed.
Note: To schedule a full system shutdown, you must have permissions to setup maintenance mode. Go to Settings > System Settings select Manage Maintenance Blackout then click on Create Maintenance Blackout. Select the start date and time and end date and time for the scheduled full system blackout. This will take the database offline during the dates selected for maintenance.