Managing licenses

You can download the software for installation and manage the licenses that are associated with your order.

About this task

After you purchase HCL Launch, you receive an email notification about your purchase and a documentation about how to access and manage licenses in the HCL License Portal. In the HCL License Portal, you can manage software distribution and software entitlements that you purchased from HCL Software. A license manager or a team member who has familiarity with the language of licenses should manage the entitled licenses in the HCL License Portal.

Before you begin, make sure you have an entitled agent and z/OS agent licenses configured with your Cloud device.

Apply your license by connecting HCL Launch to the FlexNet license server.

Note: Relays do not require any additional licenses.


  1. Log on to the HCL license portal with your configured password and retrieve the License Server ID.
  2. On the HCL Launch dashboard, click Settings > System Settings.
  3. In the FlexNet Server Path field, enter the server URL:
    1. Local FlexNet Server:
    2. Cloud FlexNet Server:<LICENSE_SERVER_ID>/request
  4. Click Save.
    The FlexNet license server is configured with your HCL Launch product.
  5. Verify or update the license type in Automatic Agent License Type field as HCL_AUTHORIZED from the system settings.
    The following tips help you troubleshoot the Cloud license server connectivity.
    • Check if the server is FlexNet license server reachable by opening the FlexNet license server URL in your browser or by using a curl command. You get the It Works! message on a successful connection.

      This method also allows you to check if your instance has access to the Cloud license server even without a fully configured device.

    • Increase the output sent to your server logs by adding the following line to the file.
      For information about how to edit the file, see Changing the server output log contents.

What to do next

After configuration, confirm that your agent license is active by clicking Resources > Agents. Licensed agents are listed as Authorized and flagged true in the License column.