What's new

This page provides a summary of enhancements and bug fixes for version 7.1.1.x.

No new features were added in this release.

Version is a maintenance release and includes various bug fixes and enhancements. This release is recommended for all customers.
Ability to disable a snapshot
New field added to the application configuration. The Disable Deploying Snapshots field on the Create Process page allows you to disable snapshot versions, only component versions are deployed.
Links view enhancement
From the Versions page, you can click Version Links to view a table of links resulting from searches, filters, and favorites. You can sort links by name or date.
Process Designer Explorer mode removed
The Process Design Editor user interface no longer contains the Explorer mode.
Enhancement to Process as Code feature
Component and Application template processes can now be downloaded and uploaded.

Version is a maintenance release and includes various bug fixes and enhancements. This release is recommended for all customers.
Processes as code
Application and component processes can now be modeled in the new custom Process as Code (PAC) format. You can use the bundled Process-as-Code Compiler to convert existing processes into the PAC format and then modify them using your text editor. The modified PAC files can then be translated and uploaded back into the server for use in your deployments.
The PAC Utility which includes a detailed guide to the new syntax, can be downloaded from the dashboard. Click Help > Tools > Process-as-code Compiler > to download.
CLI endpoint enhancements
This release continues the extension of the CLI API began in previous releases. Several actions that previously could only be done in the web UI can now be done using the API. This includes activities like importing and exporting objects, deleting objects, and removing users from roles.
Enhancement to tags
The Settings tab now includes a Tag page that allows for central management of all tags that have been created on the HCL Launch server. Users with the new Manage Tags permission can edit the name, color, and description of existing tags. When a tag is modified from the Tag page it is modified on all objects that are tagged with the tag.
Email approvals
Users assigned to an approval task are able to follow an URL in the email notification they receive to approve the task. The URL links to a mobile responsive page that allows the user to only review, and approve or reject the specified task.
Redesign of the Get Start page
The revised Get Started page can now be accessed from the Help menu or by clicking on the HCL Launch segment of the navigation bar. This page includes quick links to documentation, tutorials, release notes, and more.
License metrics
License configuration has moved from the System Settings page and into a new License Management page. The new License Management page is where the license server connection and automatic agent license type can be configured. After a connection is made, information is displayed about the available licenses and license consumption.
Usage metrics for a license server now includes consumed versus available metrics.