Upgrading agent relays remotely

When you upgrade the server, be sure to always upgrade agents and agent relays.

Before you begin

Upgrade the server. See Upgrading the server in interactive mode for more information.

About this task

Starting from HCL Launch version, you can upgrade the agent relays remotely.

Important: After you upgrade to HCL Launch version 6.2.2 or later, note these changes to agent relays:
  • Users might notice that some agent relays are no longer listed in the user interface even though they were able to view relays before the upgrade. The new version includes updated security controls. The agent relays are still available to the users. However, System Team administrators can assign agent relays to teams and set the View Agent Relays permission for roles so that appropriate users can see the agent relays in the user interface.
  • Users can install and use agent relays. However, the relays are not listed in the user interface for the user until a System Team administrator assigns the agent relay to teams and sets the View Agent Relays permission.
Note: If you are upgrading to version or later, the custom JAVA_OPTS properties needs to be updated in the AGENT_RELAY_INSTALL_DIR\bin\worker-args.conf file. Starting with version, worker-args.conf file holds the JAVA_OPTS properties for WORKER thread.


  1. Go to Resources > Agent Relays.
  2. Click Actions > Upgrade in the same row as the agent relay.
    A confirmation message is displayed.
  3. Click OK to confirm.


The agent relay restarts and is upgraded.

What to do next

Check the AGENT_RELAY_HOME\conf\installed.version file to verify that the agent relay shows the new version.