Enabling Connections to use the app registry service

Personal chats in Microsoft Teams (from the Connections business card, profile, and Important to Me bubble) require that Connections is enabled to make requests to the app registry service to discover the extensions that enable those integrations.

Before you begin

Make sure that you have enabled the app registry extensions for Microsoft Teams integration.

About this task

By default, Connections applications do not try to make requests to the app registry service to avoid unnecessary requests if the app registry service has not been deployed as part of a Component Pack installation.


  1. Locate the WAS_HOME\profiles\WAS_Profile\config\cells\Host_name\LotusConnections-config\LotusConnections-config.xml file.
  2. Locate the sloc:serviceReference section where serviceName="extensionRegistry" in the file.
  3. Check that both the enabled and ssl_enabled properties are true.
  4. If they are not true, update the configuration file so the section looks as follows (where httpserver.domain.com is the host name used to connect to Connections):
    <sloc:serviceReference bootstrapHost="admin_replace" bootstrapPort="admin_replace" clusterName="" enabled="true" serviceName="extensionRegistry" ssl_enabled="true">
          <sloc:static href="admin_replace" ssl_href="admin_replace"/>
          <sloc:interService href="admin_replace"/>
  5. If you made changes, restart the server.

What to do next