Creating an MSSQL database

We have included a SQL script file for each supported RDBMS into the Connections Engagement Center Release Package zip file. The SQL scripts can be found in the subdirectory SQLScripts.

Step Instructions


You might want to change the script file to better fit into your system.

Change the file and path of the database in the script file:

change line 4: C:\Data\MSSQL\ICEC_DATA1.mdf

Change the file & path of the log in the script file:

Change line 6: C:\Data\MSSQL\ICEC_LOG

Change the user for accessing the ICEC database:

Change Connections Engagement Center USER in section -- create user


Open a command window and run the following command:

sqlcmd -S <yourserver> -i <path>/Create_ICEC_MSSQL_Database.sql

Close the command window.