Managing HCL Connections for Mac accounts

You can add or remove IBM® Connections or Connections Cloud account information to or from your HCL Connections for Mac preferences to share files and information between OS X and IBM Connections or Connections Cloud.

About this task

After you connect to an HCL Connections or HCL Connections Cloud site, you can interact with that site from the Finder window or the HCL Connections icons in the Dock and the menu bar.


  1. Open HCL Connections for Mac by clicking the icon in the Dock or locating and clicking it in the Applications folder of your Finder window.
  2. Right-click on the HCL Connections icon in the Dock or the menu bar and select Preferences from the menu. The preferences window appears with the Accounts pane displayed.
  3. To add an account, click the plus button for the Accounts sidebar and choose HCL Connections Cloud setup or Manual Server setup.
    • If you choose the cloud setup, a wizard helps you to connect to HCL Connections Cloud. If you choose the manual setup, you must create an account and add the server information.
    • If you are connecting to a Connections Multitenant environment, select Manual Server Setup and choose the OAuth authentication type
  4. To manually configure an account, follow these steps.
    1. In the Site URL field, type the URL you use to connect to HCL Connections or Connections Cloud. For example, or
    2. In the Display name field, type the name that you want to display for the sync folder in the Finder window. For example, the folder is named Display-name sync.
    3. Enter the user name and password you use to log in to that HCL Connections site.
    4. Select an authentication type if there is a reason to change it from the default. By default, the plug-in authenticates with the HCL Connections server using basic authentication. If you are connecting to a Connections Cloud site, choose Connections Cloud Authentication as the authentication type. If your enterprise uses a different authentication type, you might be instructed to edit the authentication setting.
      Note: If you log in to HCL Connections Cloud using the "Use My Organization's Login" method, you will not be able to login and use the Desktop Plug-ins.
    5. Click Connect. If you are connecting to an HCL Connections site, proceed to step 10.
    6. If you are connecting to a Connections Cloud site, select if new files are allowed to be shared with people outside your organization and whether they should be encrypted. Click Continue.
    7. Select Add sync folder to FAVORITES in Finder and click Create.
  5. To remove an account, select the account in the Accounts sidebar and click the minus button. A dialog box appears confirming that you want to remove the account.
  6. Click Remove this Account. A confirmation window appears and displays if the removal was successful or not. When successful, the window displays the new location of the previous sync folder.