Creating and editing a template

Find yourself creating the same activity over and over? Never again. Build a reusable template to save your formatting and membership for later. A new template is an exact copy of the activity that you made it from. All of your sections, entries, to-dos, and who they're assigned to are carried over. You can edit these traits directly from the template, or wait until you start another activity to get revising. Finally, when you finish tweaking, add your template to favorites for easy access.

Create a template

Build an activity template from scratch.
  1. In the menu bar, click Apps > Activities.
  2. Click the Activity Templates tab, and then Create a Template.

Save an existing activity as a template

Have an activity that you love? Save it as a template, and then reuse it as many times as you need.
  1. Open your activity.
  2. Click Activity Actions, and then click Copy as New Template.

Save an existing entry as a template

Rebuilding an entry? Save it as a template instead. Then, you can pop it into any activity with just a couple of clicks.
  1. Open your entry.
  2. Click More Actions > Save as Entry Template.

Edit a template

Editing a template has no effect on any activity that you previously created from the template.
  1. Click the Activity Templates tab.
  2. Pick your template.
  3. Click More > Edit.

Start another activity from your template

  1. Click the Activity Templates tab.
  2. Open your template.
  3. Click Start Activity from this Template.

Add your template to favorites

Using one template more than the others? Favorite a template to always find it in the Favorite Templates tab.
  1. Click the Activity Templates tab.
  2. Open your template.
  3. Click Template Actions,, and then click Mark as Favorite Template.