Backing up Cognos® Business Intelligence reports

Back up any customized reports and community reports you created for Cognos® Business Intelligence for Connections before migrating from IBM® Connections 5.0 or 5.5 to 6.0. You will restore them after migration.


  1. Skip this step if you do not have customized reports.

    Otherwise, copy the customized reports on the IBM® Connections 5.0 or 5.5 Business Intelligence server to a backup folder as follows:

    1. Open a browser and log into the Cognos® dashboard page as the Cognos® administrator.
    2. Create a new folder titled CustomizeReportsBackup under the Public Folders > IBMConnectionsMetrics to keep the backup of all customized reports.
    3. Copy all customized reports and folders to the CustomizeReportsBackup folder.
  2. Export customized reports and community reports from IBM® Connections 5.0 or 5.5 BI server as follows: If no customization was made, you can skip this step.
    1. On Cognos® dashboard page, click Launch and then select IBM Cognos Administration.
    2. Select the Configuration tab and then select Content Administration in the list.
    3. On the Administration page, click New Export in the list tool bar to create an 'Export' object.
    4. Specify MigrationPkg60 for the Name attribute in the opened page and then click Next.
    5. Select Select public folders and directory content for Deployment method, and then click Next.
    6. In the Public folders content section, click Add to open the Select entries(Navigate) page.
    7. Locate the CustomizeReportsBackup folder under Public Folders > IBMConnectionsMetrics
      1. Select the check box for the folder.
      2. Click Add to add it to the Selected entries list.
      3. Click OK to save the edit.
      4. Return to the Select public folders content page.
    8. Select the check box for the folder just added in the list in the Public folders content section.
    9. Leave the items for the Options section unchecked and then click Next.
    10. Leave the items for Directory content unchecked and then click Next.
    11. Select Include access permissions and Apply to new and existing entries for Access permissions, keep the default option for the other sections and then click Next.
    12. Keep the default option for Deployment archive and Encryption, and then click Next to go to the Review the summary page.
    13. Click Next to go to the Select an action page.
    14. Select Save and run once, then click Finish.
    15. Select Now and click Run.
    16. You might see a message that confirms you to run the export. Check the View the details of this export after closing this dialog and then click OK to start the export.
    17. In the View run history details page, you can click the Refresh link to refresh the status of the export after you wait for a while. When the export completes, the status changes to Succeeded.
    18. Go to the cognos_biserver_install_path/deployment folder to locate a new zip file named MigrationPkg60.