Installing IBM® Connections and IBM® Installation Manager in silent mode

Use a silent installation to perform an identical installation of IBM® Connections and IBM® Installation Manager on multiple systems.

Before you begin

This task assumes that IBM® Installation Manager is not installed on your system.

Ensure that you complete all the prerequisite tasks that are relevant for your environment. For more information, see the Before installing topic.

Note: However, do not complete the prerequisite tasks that relate to IBM® Installation Manager.

Edit the default response file to suit your environment. For more information, refer to Using the default response file.

About this task

Using a response file for your intended deployment, install IBM® Connections on multiple systems without needing to interact with the installation wizard.

To perform a silent installation, complete the following steps:


  1. Open a command prompt and go to the location of the silent installation file. The file is stored in the IBM_Connections_set-up/IBM_Connections_install/IM/OS directory, where IBM_Connections_set-up is the directory or media where the IBM® Connections installation files are located and OS represents your operating system
    Note: To change the paths to the response file and log file, edit the lc_install.ini file. The file is located in the IBM_Connections_set-up/IBM_Connections_install/IM/OS directory.
  2. Run the silent installation script:
    • AIX® or Linux (root user): ./installc -input response_file -log log_file -acceptLicense
    • AIX® or Linux (non-root user): ./userinstc -input response_file -log log_file -acceptLicense
    • Windows (administrator): installc.exe -input response_file -log log_file -acceptLicense
    • Windows (non-administrator): userinstc.exe -input response_file -log log_file -acceptLicense

    where response_file is the full path and name of the response file and log_file is the full path and name of the log file. The default name of the file is LC.rsp.

    By default, the response file is stored in the IBM_Connections_set-up/IBM_Connections_install/IBMConnecgtions directory on the installation media.


IBM® Installation Manager writes the result of the installation command to the log file that you specified with the -log parameter.

If the installation is successful, the log files are empty. For example:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
The log file contains an error element if the operation was not completed successfully. A successful installation adds a value of 0 to the log file. An unsuccessful installation adds a positive integer to the log file.
The log file for IBM® Installation Manager records the values that you entered when you ran IBM® Installation Manager in interactive mode. To review the log file for IBM® Installation Manager, open the date_time.xml file, where date_time represents the date and time of the installation. The file by default is in the following directory:
  • AIX® or Linux (root user): /var/ibm/InstallationManager/logs
  • AIX® or Linux (non-root user): user_home/var/ibm/InstallationManager/logs where user_home is the non-root user account directory
To check the complete details of the installation, open each of the log files in the connections_root/logs directory. Each IBM® Connections application that you installed has a log file, using the following naming format: applicationInstallog.txt, where application is the name of an IBM® Connections application.

What to do next

Complete any applicable post-installation tasks. For more information, see the Post-installation tasks topic.

Refer to Post-Installation tasks for more information.