Managing file resources used in the "include-files" property

The include-files payload property lists one or more files to be inserted into the response so that the display is modified when it is returned to the IBM Connections user.

Where do include-files reside?

Any files declared in the include-files property list must be stored on the Storage node in the /pv-connections/customizations directory.

For more information on configuring persistent volumes in Connections, see Setting up persistent volumes on a high availability deployment (NFS).

How do you add your own include-files to Connections?

Complete the following steps to upload your own include-files to Connections:

  1. Open an FTP connection to the Storage node.
  2. On the Storage node, navigate to the /pv-connections/customizations directory.
  3. Copy your files to the customizations directory.

Your files are now available to be accessed by Connections Customizer.