Modifying report links

When you create a report, make it available to users by adding an entry, including a link to the report, to the reports-config.xml file. If you later create a different version of the report, you can modify an existing entry’s link to the point to the new report.

About this task

Edit a report’s link or add new links for custom reports in the reports-config.xml file.


  1. On the computer where Cognos® BI Server is installed, open the reports-config.xml file for editing.
    The file is typically located in the following directory:
    for example:
  2. In the reports-config.xml file, locate the section that represents the report you want to modify.

    The description for each report begins with an entry tag that specifies the report ID and label so you can identify it.

    <entry id="customized_report" type="report" label="CUSTOMIZED_REPORT_LABEL">
  3. Add a link for a custom report by inserting a child node named link within the entry tag (add a node for each report link).
    For a custom global report, insert a child node named link within the <entry> tag (add a node for each new report’s link).
    Note: In the link, format the URL as a CDATA element and omit the domain and port as shown in the example that follows.
    <entry id="global_customized_report_1" type="report" label="GLOBAL_CUSTOMIZED_REPORT_LABEL_1">
    For a custom community report, only need to specify the report name, without the URL:
    <entry id="commuity_customized_report_1" type="report" label="COMMUNITY_CUSTOMIZED_REPORT_LABEL_1">
       <link> Community_report_name </link> 
  4. Save and close the file.
  5. Refresh the browser before viewing the report to verify the new link.

    There is no need to restart the Cognos® BI Server.