Changing references to administrative credentials

Update the aliases that reference the administrative user IDs and passwords that are used to handle server-to-server communication.

Before you begin

This task is optional.


  1. To update the aliases that manage server-to-server communication, you must edit the associated J2C authentication data for the alias. In the WebSphere® Application Server administration console, select Security > Global security.
  2. In the Authentication area, expand Java Authentication and Authorization Service, and click J2C authentication data.
  3. Click the connectionsAdmin alias to edit it.
    You defined the current user ID and password to use for the connectionsAdmin alias during the installation. The user ID and password must be one of the following values:
    • A valid user in the organization's LDAP service. Organizational security requirements might require you to change this password periodically, in which case the stored credentials must be updated to reflect the new password.
    • A user that is defined in the WebSphere® Identity Manager.
  4. Update the values that changed.
  5. Apply and save the changes.
  6. Restart the servers that host IBM® Connections.
  7. If you changed the administrative user, update the mappings for the admin, dsx-admin, search-admin, trustedExternalApplication, and widget-admin Java EE roles. For more information, see Switching to unique administrator IDs for system level communication.
  8. Perform some additional steps to update the messaging bus configuration, which also relies on the connectionsAdmin alias. See Updating the messaging bus configuration when the connectionsAdmin user ID changes for more details.