Calendar Quick Reference

Learn how to do essential calendar tasks in Connections Mail.

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Table 1. Other calendar tasks

A simple table that describes how to complete tasks that are related to managing your calendar. The first column describes a task and the second column explains the corresponding action.

Task Action

Respond to a calendar invitation or notice

  1. If a meeting in your Connections Mail calendar says Response needed, click it to open and respond to it.
  2. In the Calendar window, click the corresponding button to accept, decline, or update the meeting.

Domino only: Remove meeting notices from your inbox

Meeting notices are removed from your inbox according to the preferences you set in IBM® iNotes®.

After you remove an invitation, you can still find it in your full mail client.

Domino only: Change how meetings are processed or displayed

Change the calendar display preferences in IBM® iNotes®.

See more information about a calendar entry

In the calendar, click the calendar entry.

View schedule for another date

Click the previous day or next day arrow, or click the arrow next to the date header and select a date.

Identify conflicting calendar entries

Look for a bar that precedes conflicting calendar entries.