Installing the HCL Connections Mail Plug-in

To install the HCL Connections Mail Plug-in, use IBM® Installation Manager, the same program that is used to install HCL Connections. For IBM i, manual installation is required.

Installing on other supported platforms

Before you begin

  • Uninstall any previous version of the Connections Mail Plug-in. See Uninstalling the HCL Connections Mail Plug-in.
    Note: The existing socialmail-discovery-config.xml file remains and does not need to be re-configured.
  • Ensure that your environment is configured as described in Preparing to install the HCL Connections Mail Plug-in.
  • After you complete those tasks, restart your Connections servers, to ensure that changes are properly saved.

About this task

For optimal accessibility while installing the Connections Mail Plug-in, install in silent mode, then restart the Connections servers.


  1. Download and extract the HCL Connections Mail Plug-in Update package from the HCL License & Delivery Portal.
  2. Open IBM® Installation Manager from the server on which you are installing the Connections Mail Plug-in. This server must be running the WebSphere® Application Server Deployment Manager.
  3. Select File > Preferences, and then select Repositories.
  4. From the Repositories panel, select Add Repository, navigate to the directory to which you saved the Connections Mail Plug-in files, and select the repository.config file.
  5. Click OK until you are returned to the Installation Manager main panel. Click Install.
  6. Select HCL Connections Mail, and click Next.
  7. Read and accept the license agreement, and select Next.
  8. Select Create a new package group. Accept the default value for the Installation Directory field or specify the path to another directory, and click Next. You must remember this file path for Enabling the discovery service for the HCL Connections Mail Plug-in.
  9. Click Next, click Install, and click Finish.

What to do next

Complete all tasks in Configuring the HCL Connections Mail Plug-in.

Then, manually stop and start the deployment manager, the node, and all Connections servers manually.