Configuring project relationships

After configuring the HCL Compass Web server for cross-server communication, configure project relationship links.

About this task

Project relationship links represent relationships between projects and service providers such as projects on other servers. Link types reflect the nature of the service that a provider makes available to the project. Establishing a project link enables linking between artifacts in the project and artifacts that the service provider makes accessible.


  1. Click Site Administration > Project Relationships on the HCL Compass Web toolbar. The Project Relationships window opens.
  2. Select a server from the Server list to create a link with the HCL Compass Web application. An authentication window might open that prompts for credentials for the remote service. Enter the user name and password and then click OK.
  3. Select one or more service providers from the Service Providers list.
  4. Click Add to add the project relationship link. Project relationship links appear in the Project Relationship section of the page.