E-Mail rules and e-mail notification

You can receive an e-mail notification whenever a HCL Compass record changes. Your administrator creates the e-mail rules, stored in the schema, that define the criteria for automatic e-mail notification. You must configure the client to receive and send e-mail.

By creating multiple e-mail rules, the administrator can define different conditions under which e-mail notification is sent and to which users or user groups. For example, the quality engineering team can receive e-mail notification whenever a defect is fixed, or you might be notified whenever a defect is assigned to you.

Enabling e-mail notification requires the following tasks:
  • Creating e-mail rules. Only users with the super user or schema designer privilege can create or modify an e-mail rule. For details, see the online help for the administrator's role.
  • Configuring the client to receive and send e-mail:
    • To receive e-mail, specify your e-mail address in your user profile.
    • To send e-mail about record changes that you make, use the Change E-Mail Options wizard to enable e-mail notification and to specify an e-mail server address.

E-mail notification options are stored on your local system and are shared by all your connections.