Webhooks integration package

Webhooks serve as a communication mechanism between systems. A webhook subscribes to HCL Compass and waits. When events are triggered, HCL Compass sends information out to the subscriber.

The Webhooks integration package installs into HCL Compass like any other integration package. The webhooks integration package allows you to:
  • Create a webhook configuration (WebhookConfig) for a server that wants to be notified of events that occur in HCL Compass.
  • This configuration allows the user to select states and/or actions that the server should be notified of.
  • The user or other users use HCL Compass as they need. For example, creating, assigning, resolving, duplicating, postponing defects.
  • Anytime an action or state change occure that matches with what was selected in the configuration, a payload (WebhookData) is created by HCL Compass.
  • Periodically, HCL Compass checks for webhooks, and delivers any pending WebhookData objects to the subscriber or subscribers.

By default, webhooks configurations are refreshed every 15 minutes. WebhookData objects are polled every minute and are deleted upon successful delivery. If the remote system does not catch the webhook, HCL Compass automatically retries to deliver the payload up to 10 times.