You can embed dialogs in your applications by using OSCL providers.

OSLC providers help you to embed creation and selection dialogs in your applications. The dialogs available for Compass are defined in the service description document for a Compass database.

OSLC dialogs can communicate with the parent page by using both the Post Message or Window Name protocols as defined by the OSLC Core 2.0 specification.

Selection Dialogs

HCL Compass has a default selection dialog that helps to select records of any type and selection dialogs for each record type. These dialogs help to pick more than one record at a time, so you must be prepared to handle multiple oslc:results in the resource selection response.

Creation Dialogs

HCL Compass has a different creation dialog for each record type. The default creation dialog is for the default record type for the current schema. Only one record can be created at a time, and the oslc:results array in the resource creation response have one item.

Prefilling Values

You can prefill values in the creation dialog by making a POST request to the creation dialog URI. The request body can contain the field values to prefill. The response is 201 Created with the Location response header set to the dialog URL. The following is an example of prefilling a creation dialog by using RDF/XML.