Associating records and CLM integration artifacts

Use the HCL Compass Web client to associate a Compass record and Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) integration artifacts while modifying an existing record or submitting a new one.

Before you begin

These instructions apply only to HCL Compass Web environments configured with the Compass OSLCLinks package. You can determine if the OSLCLinks package is applied to your schema by the appearance of a Links tab in a record display.

About this task

If cross-server communication is configured between your HCL Compass Web server product servers, you can associate Compass records with artifacts from the other products. For example, you can link HCL Compass records to test cases and requirements.


  1. Using the HCL Compass Web client, modify an existing record or submit a new one.
  2. Click the Links tab.
  3. To associate the record with an existing artifact, or to create an artifact to associate, click the arrow in the Add list and select the type of artifact from the menu. For example,
    • To link to an existing test case in HCL Quality Manager, click the arrow in the Add list, select a "Tested By" link type (for example, Tested By Test Case), and select the HCL Quality Manager project where the artifact is located.
    • To create a new HCL Compass record to associate, click the arrow in the Add list, click New Related Change Request, and select the database where you want to create the record.
  4. Follow the prompts to locate the existing artifact or to create the new artifact. When you are finished, the associated artifact appears in the Links control under the appropriate heading.
  5. Move your mouse pointer over a link to see a summary of the artifact.
  6. Click the link to open the artifact in the related product.