Installation repositories

IBM Installation Manager retrieves HCL product files from repository locations.

Installation Manager uses repositories to locate the installation files for HCL products. A repository is a location that stores data for installing, modifying, rolling back, updating, or uninstalling HCL products. Repositories are specified in the Installation Manager preferences.

The extracted installation files for an HCL product contain the repository for that product. You must also have IBM Installation Manager.

In situations where Installation Manager is already installed, you must specify the repository location for the HCL product. You specify a repository location by selecting either diskTag.inf or repository.config. In some cases, the HCL product installation files contains both a diskTag.inf and a repository.config. Use the diskTag.inf when selecting a repository location. For more information about specifying a repository, see Setting repository preferences.

If a silent install is used to install the HCL product, the response file defines the repository location. For information about silent installs, see Installing silently

By default, Installation Manager uses service repositories for each HCL software product. See Setting repository preferences for information about enabling or disabling service repositories in Installation Manager.