REST configuration properties in store struts configuration files (struts-wcs-stores-xxx-rest-services.xml)

Store struts configuration files, struts-wcs-stores-xxx-rest-services.xml, where the value of xxx is the component of the filename that describes the store component or feature, contain properties to configure various REST-based features of the store at a more granular level.

You can define various REST configuration values at a global level, using the component configuration file. For more information, see REST configuration properties in the component configuration file (wc-component.xml).
Important: Defining values at a more granular level overrides the values that are defined at the global level.


The following table summarizes the REST-related properties found in each store struts configuration files on the . Refer to the comments within the file for more details:
Section Purpose of properties in this section
HCL Commerce Version or laterTimeout settings
The timeout value that is used to create an HTTP connection from the search server to the server for REST requests.
The timeout value that is used to terminate a REST request from the search server to the server.
  • requestConnectTimeout and requestReadTimeout will only be supported by the class.
  • If timeouts are left completely undefined, then the default timeout value of 30 seconds is used.
  • These timeout values can also be set at a global level using the RemoteRestRequestConnectTimeout and RemoteRestRequestReadTimeout parameters within the REST configuration properties in the component configuration file (wc-component.xml).
For example, the following will extend the connection and termination timeouts to 60 seconds.
<action class="" name="AjaxRESTOrderItemAdd">
            <param name="authenticate">10701:1</param>
            <param name="https">0:1</param>
            <param name="requestConnectTimeout">60000</param>
            <param name="requestReadTimeout">60000</param>
            <param name="parameter">orderlist.addOrderItem</param>