Catalog filter customization: Customizing catalog entry properties

A catalog entry property is a searchable property of catalog entry that has been configured in HCL Commerce search. The conditions can be created in a catalog filter, the prebuilt properties are: part number, and manufacturer. With customization, you can add additional searchable catalog entry properties that can be used in a catalog filter.


This example procedure outlines the high-level steps to create a property.
  1. Configure a searchable property, for example, property with key name WarTerm, warranty term.
  2. Open the file LOBTools.war\WebContent\config\commerce\price\objectDefinitions\CatalogFilterCatentPropertyChildObjectDefinition.def

    Add a code snippet similar to the following example to the child object definition, cftPropertyAttributeObjectDefinition.

    <ObjectTemplate 1displayName="${extCatalogFilterResources.warrantyTerm}" 2templateType="WarrantyTerm">
    <Xml name="template">


    The display name of this property. This value is shown on the user interface.
    The unique template type identifier.
    The propertyName Value passed in the BOD message. Use the same name that is configured in search engine.
    This data type of this property: String, Float, Integer.
  3. Open the file LOBTools.war\WebContent\jsp\commerce\catalogfilter\SerializePropertyType.jspf. Add the code shown in bold to the <c:choose> element.
    … …
    	<c:when test="${propertyName == 'WarTerm'}">