Working on approved content

If you have workspaces enabled, you might have to work on content outside a workspace if you have changes or additions that must be made quickly without the need for approvals.

About this task

Working outside the workspace means that any changes you make are considered to be approved, and are automatically made to the production-ready database. This means that changes made in this manner must be carefully considered and implemented, as any mistakes will be visible by customers, and could have significant business impact.

The production-ready database is an intermediate staging database that is essentially the same as the production database. Any data in the production-ready database moves to the production database using the staging utility.

To work on approved content:


  1. Open Management Center..
  2. From the File menu, select File > Work On Approved Content, or on the toolbar, click Work on approved content.
    The Management Center is now in working mode.
  3. Navigate to the Management Center menu; then select a tool to start working in.