HCL Commerce Version or later

Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics helps you to understand how your customers are engaging with your store content and how they interact with store pages. Google Analytics helps you to get a deeper understanding of your customers so that you can improve customer experience and get better results.

From version 9.1.4 onwards, HCL Commerce is integrated with Google Analytics by default.

Before you use Google Analytics, you must create a Google Analytics account and complete the required configurations.


How does the integration work?

Each store is tracked by a Property in Google Analytics: Universal Analytics. This Property has a Tracking ID and points to the store URL.

Triggers (events in the store) and tags are defined in the Google Tag Manager. These tags are associated with the Tracking ID of a Property in Google Analytics.

Data for user activities like page views, searches, products added to cart, products removed from cart, product checkouts, product purchases and so on is sent to Google Tag Manager in the form of events.

Integration with Google Analytics