Defect HC-14223

Adding a retry and wait logic in STA stage to avoid crashing data query server


Customer case Applies to Corrected in
CS0280531 V9.1.8.0

Observed behavior

The query server crashes when unlimited retries are permitted with no wait times during this cycle:

NiFi Flow > auth.reindex - STA Zookeeper > Find STA > Remove STA from Zookeeper > "POST Query Config Profile"

Expected behavior

There should be retry logic and timeouts configured so that infinite callback loops can be avoided.


While trying to validate the businessUser through a call back to tsweb, there is a failure. The code was updated to add a RetryFlowFile to registry/flows/base/DatabaseSTAZookeeperStage1.json, which will retry a limited number of times, with waits, to avoid flooding the query server with additional requests.