Defect HC-13252

SSL handshake timeout from store-web to ts-app


Customer case Applies to Corrected in
CS0264256 V9.1.3.0

Observed behavior

SSL handshakes timeout during store to ts-app communication in a docker-compose environment.

Expected behavior

There should be no timeouts.


This problem does not impact k8s environments. In a docker-compose deployed environment, when a REST API is called by the React store it goes to the store-web server before being proxied to the transaction server. Depending on the environment and network, the SSL handshake may take longer than the default 5 sec value, resulting in the timeout error. The solution is to increase the SSL Handshake timeout value to a large value, e.g 30 sec for IO and 60 sec for overall with following directive in httpd.conf in store-web: SSLHandshakeTimeout 30 60