Defect HC-13233

SQL error when Persistent cookie refers to a deleted guest user


Customer case Applies to Corrected in
CS0134708 V9.0.1.16

Observed behavior

A shopper gets a 500 error when the persistent cookie (WC_PERSISTENT) in the browser refers to a user that's been deleted from the database. CMN0413E error code can be seen in the logs.

Expected behavior

The shopper's session switches to generic user.


The REST framework in ts-app has improved error handling for the case where the user referenced in the WC_PERSISTENT cookie does not exist. HTTP error code 401 is returned by ts-app in this case, along with the following error message key: ECMessageKey._ERR_INVALID_COOKIE_ALL.

The crs-app is also updated to clear all Commerce session cookies, including WC_PERSISTENT cookie, when it gets _ERR_INVALID_COOKIE_ALL error. If you are not using the crs-app, but using a custom store front-end, you'll need to handle this new session error.