Defect HC-12251

CWXFR0230E - ERR_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR after upgrading to 9.1.5


Customer case Applies to Corrected in
CS0237284 V9.1.5.0

Observed behavior

Specific error messages in version 9.0.1 such as CWXBB1011EE, 1103E, 1012E, 1039E were replaced with CWXFR0230E in version 9.1.x The use of the generic message makes problem determination more difficult for activity token expirations.

Expected behavior

The most explicit error message possible should be returned.


This fix assigns a unique error code (CWXBB1103E - Activity token "xxxxxx" has expired or terminated or data is missing in CTXMGMT table.) when there is a missing activity token during the REST calls.