Defect HC-11447

Send e-mail from OrderPaymentSynchronize fails (Remote Aurora store)


Customer case Applies to Corrected in
CS0231943 V9.1.5.0

Observed behavior

Sending e-mail for the OrderPaymentSynchronize operation fails, with a message similar to the following in the system log:</p> <p>[5/19/21 16:43:55:657 COT] 00000121 CommerceSrvr E AccManager isAllowed CMN1501E: User -1002 does not have the authority to perform action "Display" on resource "" for command "null". [5/19/21 16:43:55:657 COT] 00000121 CommerceSrvr A DataBeanManager directActivate(DataBean,CommandContext) The user does not have the authority to run this command "".

Expected behavior

There should be no error with this processing.


A code defect that did not properly pass the userId and storeId through the command context to the back-end processing job was fixed.