Defect HC-18356

Adding support to Cart service to enable sorting by order item's creation date.


Customer case Applies to Corrected in
CS0291142 V9.1.6.0

Observed behavior

When operating in a multi-pod environment, the cart service's sortOrderItemBy orderItemId function returns items in a different order than added in some cases.

Expected behavior

The function was intended to return items in the sequence they were added, but does not.


Each Commerce JVM pre-fetches a number of key values from the KEYS table. When multiple JVM's are involved, they will each fetch their own set of sequential key values. When session affinity is removed, each JVM could add items to the order, leading to an inconsistent key sequence, correct within the JVM, but incorrect with respect to those of other JVMs.

A new "sortOrderItemBy" value of "createDate" is introduced, enabling the correct sequence to be retrieved.