Defect HC-18071

SRCHCONFEXT cache invalidation issue


Customer case Applies to Corrected in
CS0310743 V9.1.9.0

Observed behavior

After making a change in SRCHCONFEXT entry to add custom config for "data-config" and restarting search app/TS scheduler app it is not picking up the custom configuration file.

Expected behavior

The custom configuration file should be picked up.


SRCHCONFEXT is not one of the tables recognized by the data cache. However, it is used in a data cache query in the SearchDataQueryFetcher class.

To fix this, CACHEIVL triggers were added for SRCHCONFEXT, and invalidation methods were added in CacheRule.

With this fix, there should be no stale SRCHCONFEXT data in the cache for more than 4 minutes, the frequency of DynaCacheInvalidation scheduler job executions.