Business Audit report

This report shows all audited commands for a specific user, a specific command type, or both.

Selected date range
A read-only field listing the selected start and end dates for the displayed report.
Report generated
A read-only field displaying the timestamp corresponding to when the report was created.
Click RecordID to show details for a particular record in the report. The Detailed Parameters page for the record is displayed. (
Note: If a record does not include parameter details, a message stating that there are no details displays).
The logon ID of the user that runs the audited command.
For User
The ID of the user on behalf of whom (if any) the audited command was run.
The date that the audited command was run.
The time that the audited command was run.
It is an action associated with the business operation. It describes the value in occurrence. Occurrence is either called or exception; called means that the command was executed and was successful while exception means it was called but was not executed successfully.
Event Type
The type of event that was audited.
The full name of the audited command that was run.

HCL Commerce business auditing records the information about the execution of business logic, such as the command, request, response, command context, and other information.The business audit report displays all commands run by a specific user, or all instances a specific category of command was run, or all instances that a specific user ran a specific category of command, for a specified time period.

Note: The business audit report can only report on command types that are defined in the BusinessAuditDataCapture.xml file. The file is located in the /xml/config directory of the HCL Commerce Enterprise Archive directory. To edit this file, see Configuring business auditing.