Approval Requests

Use this page to; view requests awaiting approval; view requests that have already been approved or rejected; approve or reject a request awaiting approval; view the details of any request.

When displaying the results of a search, the page is titled: Search Results - Approval Requests.

Choose the status of the requests to view in the Approval Requests list. Choices are pending, approved or rejected. The default is pending.
The unique identification code for the request.
The user who initiated the approval request.
The name of the business process for which approval has been requested.
Indicates whether an approval request is pending, has been approved or has been rejected.
Submitted On
Date and time of submission.

The three columns listed below display if Approved or Rejected have been selected in the View field, or search results are being displayed in the Search Requests - Approval Requests list.

Approved on
Indicates date and time of approval. This displays only if status is Approved.
Rejected on
Indicates date and time of rejection. This displays only if status is Rejected.
Additional comments about the approval or rejection.
Approves request and displays the Approval remarks form.
Rejects the request and displays the Rejection remarks form.
Displays details of selected approval request.
Displays Find Approval Requests form.