Class CSRDisplayRefundByOriginalPaymentCmdImpl

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    BusinessPolicyCommand,, ECCommand, ECTargetableCommand, TaskCommand, CSRDisplayRefundPaymentInfoCmd,,,,,,

    public class CSRDisplayRefundByOriginalPaymentCmdImpl
    extends CSRDisplayRefundPaymentInfoCmdImpl
    Policy command which retrieves refund mechanism information for a return. This implementation is executed for RMAs whose refund policy type is set to 'use original order'. And the refund information is based on the payment used for one of the orders participating in the return. The original payment must have been processed using WebSphere Commerce Payments.

    Default implementation of the CSRDisplayRefundPaymentInfoCmd interface.

    Utilizes these access beans

    See Also:
    DetermineReturnCreditVehicleCmd, Serialized Form
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      • CSRDisplayRefundByOriginalPaymentCmdImpl

        public CSRDisplayRefundByOriginalPaymentCmdImpl()