Class ItemCreateHelper

    • Constructor Detail

      • ItemCreateHelper

        public ItemCreateHelper()
    • Method Detail

      • createItem

        public void createItem(CommandContext cmdContext)
                        throws ECException,
        Creates an Item after setting all properties.
        cmdContext - The CommandContext.
        ECException - If the CatalogEntryAddCmd fails.
        javax.ejb.RemoveException - In the execution of the method, a RemoveException occurs.
        CatalogToolException - if 1) the item already exists in a 1-to-1 product-to-item scenario or 2) duplicate items with same attribute values in the 1-to-n scenario.
        java.lang.Exception - if one of the following fails: adding shippings, shipping mode, shipping taxes, sales taxes, discounts, prices to the item.
      • copyPricesFromProduct

        public static void copyPricesFromProduct(java.lang.Long nProductId,
                                                 java.lang.Long nSKUId,
                                                 CommandContext cmdContext)
        Copy pricing information from parent product. This method calls the ProductPricingCmd command, passing in the command context parameter.
        nProductId - The product ID.
        nSKUId - The SKU ID.
        cmdContext - The CommandContext.