Class SubscriptionCreateChildOrderSchedulerCmdImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, ECCommand, ECTargetableCommand, TaskCommand, SubscriptionScheduledActionCmd,,,,,,

    public class SubscriptionCreateChildOrderSchedulerCmdImpl
    extends AbstractSubscriptionScheduledActionCmdImpl
    This class will be called by the scheduler to create the child orders for the recurring order. This class will create an order,updates the current subscription and creates one more entry in the subscrschjobs table for the next scheduled action for creating the child order. The whole process happens in four steps(state). Initially the state of the action will be updated to SubscriptionServerConstants.TRANSIENT_STATE_CREATE_CHILD_ORDER. As the first step the class will decide whether the current subscription is a recurring order or a subscription and then call createChildRecurringOrder for recurring order or createChildSubscriptionOrder for a subscription. When the create child order action was successful the state will be updated to SubscriptionServerConstants.TRANSIENT_STATE_UPDATE_SUBSCRIPTION. As the second step the current subscription will be updated for new values for nextffmDate, nextPaymentDate, amountPayed etc in updateSubscription method. The method will update the state to SubscriptionServerConstants.TRANSIENT_STATE_CREATE_SUBSCRIPTION_JOB on successful updation of the current subscription. As the third step a new job will be created in the scheduler jobs table with the action "createChildOrder" to create the next child order with the help of createSubscriptionJob method. The method will update the sate to SubscriptionServerConstants.TRANSIENT_STATE_FINAL_SUBSCRIPTION denoting the successful execution of all the above three steps. In case of any known order exception while creating the child order the method handleCreateChildOrderException will handle those exception. In case of any unknown exception we have provided handleException method for the merchant to override and handle the exception appropriately. In general all the order exception will notify the merchant by sending a mail with the reason for the exception and cancels the current subscription by updating the status reason code for the same. The scheduler frame work will take care of any exception which can be retried. If we fail to create a child order then we will not take any action because the sate is not modified. If we are successful in creating the child order but fail in updating the current subscription then we will move the status of the created child order to cancel state. If we are successful in create child order and updating the current subscription but we fail in creating the new schedule job then we will re try creating the next scheduled job.
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      • SubscriptionCreateChildOrderSchedulerCmdImpl

        public SubscriptionCreateChildOrderSchedulerCmdImpl()
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        public int getDelayBetweenRetries()
        This will return the delay in seconds for the retries for the states to execute.
        Delay in seconds.