Interface DBAuthenticationCmd

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    public interface DBAuthenticationCmd
    extends TaskCommand

    If the server is configured to authenticate against the database, this task command is called to perform either an authentication or an update.

    Before running this task command, the methods listed below must be invoked.


    If the setUpdateFlag is called, then upon execution of this task command, the credentials set are updated in the database.

    If the setUpdateFlag is not called, upon execution of this task command, verification of the credentials is performed. To determine whether the authentication was successful, call isValidCredentials.

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        static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        The copyright field.
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      • defaultCommandClassName

        static final java.lang.String defaultCommandClassName
        The default command implementation class.
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    • Method Detail

      • isValidCredentials

        boolean isValidCredentials()
        Sets a boolean result flag to indicate if the authentication was successful. This method returns this result flag to indicate if the authentication was successful.
        True, if authentication was successful.
      • markPasswordAsTemporary

        void markPasswordAsTemporary()
        Call this method to indicate that the updated password is temporary.
      • setEncipheredMerchantKey

        void setEncipheredMerchantKey(java.lang.String strEncipheredMerchantKey)
        Deprecated. Retrieve the merchantkey by first calling ConfigProperties.singleton().getMerchantKey() and then call setMerchantKey(String) to set the merchant key to be used by the command.
        Sets the enciphered merchant key to be used in the encryption of the password. This command task will implicitly decrypt the enciphered merchant key. This key should only be set if the merchant key was not set.
        strEncipheredMerchantKey - The enciphered merchant key.
      • setLogonId

        void setLogonId(java.lang.String strLogonId)
        Sets the logon ID under which the current user wishes to logon.
        strLogonID - The logon ID.
      • setPassword

        void setPassword(java.lang.String strPassword)
        Sets the password to be used for authentication with the new logon ID.
        strPassword - The password.
      • setUpdateFlag

        void setUpdateFlag()
        Call this method to indicate that instead of performing verification of the credentials, the credentials should be set in the database.