Interface AddBroadcastJobCmd

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    AccCommand,,,, ControllerCommand, ECCommand, Protectable,,
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    public interface AddBroadcastJobCmd
    extends ControllerCommand
    Adds a new broadcast job to the WebSphere Commerce Server's scheduler.
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        static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        IBM copyright notice field.
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        Constant Field Values
      • defaultCommandClassName

        static final java.lang.String defaultCommandClassName
        The default implementation of this command.
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        Constant Field Values
      • URLNAME

        static final java.lang.String URLNAME
        The defined command name found in the url registry.
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        Constant Field Values
    • Method Detail

      • getJobId

        java.lang.Long getJobId()
        Gets the job id.

        The job reference number of the new job.
      • getJobInstanceId

        java.lang.Long getJobInstanceId()
        Gets the job instance id.

        The instance reference number of the record to indicate when the job needs to run.
      • setName

        void setName(java.lang.String name)
        Sets the name of user.
        name - the logon id of the user to run the command as.
      • setPathInfo

        void setPathInfo(java.lang.String pathInfo)
        Sets the name of the command to be added to the scheduler.
        pathInfo - the command to execute.
      • setQueryString

        void setQueryString(java.lang.String parameters)
        Sets the query string associated with the job.
        parameters - the parameters to pass to the command when it is executed.
      • setUrl

        void setUrl(java.lang.String url)
        Sets the url to be redirected to at the end of the command.

        url - the URL to redirect to after the broadcast job is added.
      • setUserRefNum

        void setUserRefNum(java.lang.Long refnum)
        Sets the user Id.

        refnum - the member id of user which will run the command.