Class ECReturnQuery

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    public class ECReturnQuery
    extends ECQuery
    The ECReturnQuery is a concrete instantiation of the ECQuery abstract class. It is used to generate search queries for returns in the WebSphere Commerce database. This class knows the list of tables that can be selected from for an RMA query, and also knows how to join these tables. Usage: This example demonstrates a search for all returns whose logonId is LIKE %myLogon%.
                            ECReturnQuery query = new ECReturnQuery();
                            WhereClauseSearchCondition whereClause = 
                                    new WhereClauseSearchCondition(
                                            new TableField("USERREG", "LOGONID"),
                            Vector vecResults =
                                    (new OrderManagementJDBCHelperAccessBean()).executeCustomizableReturnSearch(
    The Vector of results contains Vectors, each of which has one entry -- for the USERS.USERS_ID of the user found. Tables that can be used as query parameters for user queries are:
      RMA         -- The return's RMA record. 
      STOREENT    -- The return's storeent record. 
      USERS       -- The return's user record. 
      USERREG     -- The return's user registry record. 
      PARENTORG   -- The return's user's parent organization (ORGENTITY table). 
      ANCESTORORG -- The return's user's ancestor organization (ORGENTITY table). 
      ADDRESS     -- The return's user's selfaddress. 
      MBRREL      -- The return's ancestors. 
      MEMBER      -- The return's MEMBER table entry. 
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        public static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
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        public static final java.lang.String CLASSNAME
        The class name.
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        Constant Field Values

        public static java.lang.String JOIN_STOREENT
        Join condition for the STOREENT table.

        public static java.lang.String JOIN_MEMBER
        Join condition for the MEMBER table.
      • JOIN_USERS

        public static java.lang.String JOIN_USERS
        Join condition for the USERS table.

        public static java.lang.String JOIN_USERREG
        Join condition for the USERREG table.

        public static java.lang.String JOIN_PARENTORG
        Join condition for the parent organization from the ORGENTITY table.

        public static java.lang.String JOIN_ANCESTORORG
        Join condition for any ancestor organization from the ORGENTITY table.

        public static java.lang.String JOIN_ADDRESS
        Join condition for the ADDRESS table.

        public static java.lang.String JOIN_MBRREL
        Join condition for the MBRREL table.

        public static java.lang.String JOIN_MBRROLE
        Join condition for the MBRROLE table.

        public static java.lang.String JOIN_RMAITEM
        Join condition for the RMAITEM table.

        public static java.lang.String JOIN_ORDERITEMS
        Join condition for the ORDERITEMS table.

        public static java.lang.String JOIN_CONTRACT
        Join condition for the CONTRACT table.
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      • ECReturnQuery

        public ECReturnQuery()
        This method is the default constructor.