Class GetPageDesignExpressionBuilder

  • java.lang.Object

  • public class GetPageDesignExpressionBuilder
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class is the expression builder for GetPageDesign BOD service. It populates the given XPath template with the given parameter values. Any additional parameter that does not belong in the XPath are added as Control Parameters.
    • Constructor Detail

      • GetPageDesignExpressionBuilder

        public GetPageDesignExpressionBuilder()
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      • buildGetPageDesignExpression

        public ExpressionType buildGetPageDesignExpression(java.util.Map<java.lang.String,java.lang.String[]> parameterMap)
        Builds an Expression based upon the given parameters Map.

        It parses the XPath template specified by the key template and lists out the parameter names specified in the XPath template in the form of a parameter token, such as "$accessProfile$". For each such parameter name, it gets the value of the parameter from the given parameters Map using the parameter name as the key. Finally, it creates an XPath using the XPath template and then sets the values of all the parameters.

        It adds the remaining parameters present in the given parameters Map as control parameters in the XPath.

        parameterMap - The given Map of parameters.
        The created Expression.