Class AdvancedOrderEditBeginCmdImpl

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    AccCommand, ControllerCommand, ECCommand, ECTargetableCommand, AdvancedOrderEditBeginCmd, Protectable,,,,,,
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    public class AdvancedOrderEditBeginCmdImpl
    implements AdvancedOrderEditBeginCmd
    This is the default implementation of the AdvancedOrderEditBeginCmd controller command.

    Input parameters:

    Name Description
    orderId (Required) The identifier of the order to edit or change.
    editorId An authorized and logged in member who invoked the AdvancedOrderEditBeginCmd command.

    Output parameters:


    This AdvancedOrderEditBeginCmd implementation class and AdvancedOrderEditEndCmd command stage an advanced order for editing. Between the execution of the AdvancedOrderEditBeginCmd and AdvancedOrderEditEndCmd commands, many types of order editing actions can occur (for example, OrderItemUpdateCmd, PIEdit, OrderCopy, and so on.).

    To invoke this command:

    • A valid order ID has to be passed in from command context.
    • A qualified editorId be passed. The editorId must be a registered member; otherwise, an exception is thrown.
    • The order status has to be one of (P, E, New, M, B, C, N, W, I, L, A,Quote NEW).
    This command will create order history or extract old one if order history is enabled. After the command is invoked, the order is in an editable state. An exception is thrown if an invalid order is passed.

    After the command is successful executed, the status of order will change to E unless the status was P, NEW, and E. And the order will not be processed by the system until the order gets submitted again.

    If unsuccessful, the command throws the ECException.

    Task commands called:

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